Samsung launches ‘iTest,’ a new web app for turning your iPhone into a Galaxy device.

Samsung is putting more work into converting iPhone users. The smartphone manufacturer has released a new website named "iTest," which allows iPhone users to "get barely style of Samsung" by using a web application that simulates robot expertise.

You'll be prompted to add the web application to your iPhone's home screen when you visit Samsung's iTest website. After that, you'll launch it for a short period of time, just like the alternative app, to get some productive time with the robot interface.

Samsung explains:
You're on the verge of getting a taste of Samsung without having to switch phones. We won't be able to duplicate every feature, but you should be able to see that flipping to the opposite side isn't difficult.

The experience is admittedly very impressive, and the web app that runs on an iPhone would do an excellent job of replicating the robot and Samsung Galaxy experience. You'll be able to do a lot, including browsing the Galaxy Store, exploring the Samsung Camera app, and more. The Galaxy Store's banner picture, which appears at random intervals, naturally promotes Fortnite, which Apple has excluded from the App Store.

When you use the Samsung iTest app on your iPhone, you'll get a slew of simulated text messages and phone calls that highlight a variety of things to do out and other ways to behave with friends. In reality, Samsung is using this as an opportunity to promote its other Galaxy products, such as the Galaxy Buds professional, Galaxy Watch3, and Galaxy Buds Live.

However, although the overall virtual expertise is fantastic, there are several places where it falls short. Several of the apps only allow you to view the splash screens, and internet apps have technical limitations. For instance, once you've decided to open the "famous apps" folder.

As initial noticed by MacRumors, this expertise is being publicized  solely in New Seeland currently, however the online website is accessible worldwide. we tend to wouldn’t be shocked within the least to establish Samsung flip this iTest expertise into a worldwide promoting campaign sooner rather than later.

Samsung's latest iTest website comes after Apple announced in Gregorian calendar month that the iPhone 12 series has prompted a change in smartphone users from robot to iPhone. With this in mind, it's easy to see why Samsung is currently growing its efforts to migrate iPhone users to Galaxy smartphones.

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