6 Simple Ways To Generate Stock Investment Ideas.

This is a hot subject in the world of investing, with many people looking for information about it. There are hundreds of businesses listed on the market, so doing research and deciding which ones to invest in becomes very tough. To be prepared to invest in the stock market, you must first understand the fundamentals.

During an interview with Adam Smith (writer of Supermoney) in 1993, Warren Buffet was questioned how tiny investors might discover excellent investment ideas and the answer came from Warren Buffet himself.

Most of Warren Buffet's investing ideas come from annual reports, which are very well known.

In contrast to us now who have contemporary technology at our fingertips and can collect any piece of information or facts with the touch of a button, he was a regular investor 60 years ago and it was difficult for him.

In other words, technology, which even Warren Buffet didn't possess when he first began investing, is the greatest advantage this era has over previous ones.

Of all the businesses publicly listed in the exchange, you should be perplexed about which ones to choose for reading Annual Reports. Begin with the A's if you want to heed Warren Buffet's suggestion.

Lets clear the air for you:

  • Choose from the NIFTY 200 listed companies or businesses
  • Get rid of businesses that aren't in your area of expertise. If you have to get rid of a large number of businesses, that's okay.
  • Continue with the annual reports of the succeeding businesses, beginning with A. (as suggested by Mr. Buffet).

If you're worried about putting it into reality, here are a couple of additional ways to come up with stock investing ideas.

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6 Investment Ideas on Stock:

#1. Stock Screeners

Stock Screener allows you to filter stocks based on a custom set of criteria.

After that, search for businesses that make use of those identifying numbers.

#2. 52-Week Low List Stocks

Disgraced companies are often avoided by investors, but some with unconventional outlooks will seek out undervalued equities in order to discover hidden opportunities.

Never base your investment decisions on the stock price, but rather on the strength of a company's fundamentals, which have fallen substantially from their recent highs.

Carefully evaluate if a stock's decline is temporary or lasting before investing in it.

#3. General Observations

Look for insight into the objects you use on a daily basis or the things you see around you.

Find out more about the businesses whose products or services you most like using by doing homework on them.

To make investments in stocks, you don't have to be particularly bright; rather, you need to maintain an open mind and keep your eyes and ears alert for new business opportunities.

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#4. Business Media

Previously, we've advised you to steer clear of business publications and business channels since stock recommendations and ideas are mostly paid sponsored.

However, there isn't much out there like Forbes or Mint to help you find new company ventures. Avoiding macroeconomic clutter and concentrating on company-specific news is preferable.

#5. Financial/Stock/ Investment Blogs 

There is a tonne of useful articles and blogs on the internet that you may use as a starting point for your own investigation.

Rather than relying only on what an author says, conduct your own research before investing.

Bloggers like Topbrokersreview, FundooProfessor, and Farnam Street Blog are worth your time.

#6. Read the Companies Financial Annual Report

It may appear that reviewing an annual report is a tedious and time-consuming task.

In any case, it's a gold mine of knowledge on a certain business.

There are many key topics included in an annual report, including operating performance, long-term goals, advantages and disadvantages encountered, and the company's past success.


It's possible that you're the only one making investments when everyone else is dumping in the market, but making a good investment requires thorough research and investing in a reputable company.

In many cases, the market will offer you enormous chances to engage just like the market is providing in the present situation if you realize well about the business you are engaging in and have performed your investment correctly.

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