Our Review Process

Our broker comparison rankings intend to bring transparency to the forex trading market, where it can often be difficult for new traders to see what differentiates one broker from another.

We maintain accounts at every broker we review to continually monitor their performance, processes and trading conditions. While we have reviewed most popular brokers, we also include those which we have not reviewed. Some brokers may be missing from the list; this could be for one of two reasons.

1. We don't consider the broker to be a good option for traders, but still want to include them in our directory

2. We do not have our review available in your language yet. We are still in the process of translating all our reviews.

In either case, we will indicate why a review is missing.

How We Review Brokers ?

We rate brokers on seven different areas, each of which comprises multiple data points, and the highest score a broker can receive in each area is a 5. Each of the areas has a weighting, which we use to calculate a final score for each broker. The areas and the weightings are as follows.

  • Trust and Reputation – 20%
  • Trading Conditions – 20%
  • Platform and Tools – 17.5%
  • Assets Available – 12.5%
  • Deposit and Withdrawal – 10%
  • Education and Research – 10%
  • Customer Support – 10%

  • To read more about who we are, and how we work, read our about us page.


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