ActivTrades Review 2021: Is ActivTrades legit?

ActivTrades was established in 2001 as a global trading platform. It is monitored more by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) of the United Kingdom and Securities Commission in the Bahamas (SCB).

ActivTrades is regarded as reputable since its history is extensive and the FCA, a leading financial body, is monitored.

The ActivTrades trading costs are minimal. The setup of the account is outstanding and there are free deposits and transactions.

The product selection of ActivTrades is narrow and its analytical instruments are fundamental. An inactivity fee applies.

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Fees :

ActivTrades is subject to minimal trade charges and moderate non-trading charges. In addition, in most circumstances it does not charge a deposit or withdrawal cost.

In accordance with the comparison with all assessed brokers, we have evaluated ActivTrades' fee ranges as low, average or excessive.

Let's first go through a few fundamental concepts about broker fees. You have to take care of the trade charges and non-commercial charges.

  • - Anytime you trade, trading charges arise. These might include expenses, spreads, rates of lending and converting costs.
  • - Non-trading costs cover non-trading charges such as withdrawal or inaction fees.

You can discover the most significant ActivTrades fees within each asset class in the following areas.  For instance, the main expenses include spreads, charges and financing rates for foreign exchange and market index dealing.

ActivTrades costs were also contrasted to those of two other comparable brokers, HYCM and CMC. This assessment is based on rational variables such as provided items, customer profile, charging structure, etc. See a more thorough overview of options for ActivTrades.

Let's begin with the trading costs to get a comprehensive understanding of ActivTrades.

  • - Stock index CFDs: SPX and EUSTX50
  • - Stock CFDs: Apple and Vodafone

Leverage :

The usual transaction entails purchasing, maintaining and finally selling a leveraged position for one week. For this magnitude, we picked a stock index of $2,000 and equity CFDs and an FX transaction of $20,000. We utilised the leverage:

  • - 20:1 for stock index CFDs
  • - 5:1 for stock CFDs
  • - 30:1 for forex

These benchmarks comprise expenses, fees and financing charges for all brokers. 

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Trading Platforms :

Web Trading:

ActivTrades offers its own Activ Traders web trading platform. It is highly personalised, multilingual and offers a clear overview on fees. No price notifications are available, on the other hand.

ActivTrades delivers trade solutions as follows:

  • - ActivTrades' own trading platform, called ActivTrader
  • - Third-party platforms: MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5

For this evaluation, we have evaluated our own Active Trader platform.

The Internet trading platform may be found in French, Spanish, Bulgarian, Chinese, English, Italian, Russian and Portuguese.

The web trade platform of ActivTrades is easy to use and nicely designed.

Customization is mediocre, some functionality on the platform cannot be changed around. For example, the search bar and portfolio overview are static.

Mobile Trading:

ActivTrades has a large mobile operating system of its own. Featuring a good search element it is nicely conceived and user-friendly. But a secure login is missing.

ActivTrades provides a mobile brokerage account in addition to MetaTrader 5 and MetaTrader 4, which is equivalent to the online platform. We tried the ActivTrade software in our evaluation.

The appearance and functions of the mobile platform are identical to that of the online platform. The search feature and ordering kinds are also equal. There is just a one-stage login. No price alert is available.

Desktop Trading:

MetaTrader provides an ActivTrades desktop marketplace. You may customise it greatly, have a transparent fee analysis and set price warnings. There's no two-stage login on the other side and the design is obsolete.

ActivTrades is not a desktop trading platform created in-house; it leverages MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 systems. They are trade portals for third parties. Since it is more prevalent we've tried MetaTrader 4.

The marketplace of ActivTrades is very customisable. The size and location of the bars may be changed easily.

The platform is old, though, and it is difficult to discover some functions. It took some effort to find out, for instance, how and when to append an asset to the monitoring list.

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Research :

The variety of ActivTrades tools for research is ordinary, but they are easy to use. Visuals and other technological tools are great, such as APIs. On the other hand, trade ideas, basic statistics and news are not available.

ActivTrades does not offer ideas for trading. The web site contains several short bits of marketing research. These are comments rather than profound insights on specific occurrences such as events in connection with Brexit. Clear trade ideas or suggestions are not included.

ActivTrades provides strong charting tools and 28 chart patterns are available. Contrary to rivals there are more than 100+ technical indicators on many platforms.

On the web page under 'Markets' there is a financial calendar. The schedule lets customers track the world's major events. You may sort the news according to nations, categories, and effects. There is no historical information on these incidents on the downside. Historic US inflation statistics, for instance, cannot be examined.

Customer Service :

We noticed the live chat to be the quickest and most useful. ActivTrades provides many service customers. In general, emails will be responded to within 24 hours, with responses applicable. Only the availability 24 hours a day has been missed.

There are numerous customer support channels available to ActivTrades. Contact them through the following:

  • - live chat
  • - phone
  • - Email

ActivTrades features a live chat quickly. There was acceptable relevancy to the responses.

Telephone assistance for ActivTrades was quick and we received appropriate responses. The consultant was really helpful; he answered our queries in depth and also sent us a follow-up email.

We have prompt and appropriate replies via email.

Education :

ActivTrades offers excellen t educational information, including webinars, instructions, a demo account for testing your abilities and individual training to talk to a professional.

The following learning instruments are provided by ActivTrades:

  • - Demo account
  • - One to one training
  • - Platform tutorial videos
  • - General educational videos
  • - Webinars and seminars
  • - Quality educational articles

The demo accounts are the most beneficial since the system and its capabilities are known to you without any danger.

ActivTrades offers one course in which you may talk online with a specialist. This is a tailored training course that helps you learn the major characteristics of the trade platform. This is a highly unusual service, individual instruction in other brokers is uncommon.

Regulation :

ActivTrades is authorized by numerous financial institutions, notably the most senior stock exchange FCA, and it is not included with any stock exchange.’

It is governed by the Financial Administration (FCA) and the Bahamas Securities Commission (SCB).

Final Words :

ActivTrades is, over all, a great broker for CFD/forex.

ActivTrades provides minimal commercial charges. The establishment of the account is good, and there is no deposit or withdrawal.

On the other hand, its line of products is restricted to only a few goods, because mainly CFDs and FX instruments are provided. Research instruments are essential and trade ideas and underlying information are not available. The inactivity fee is incurred.

We advise you to test ActivTrades, as trading charges are minimal and your profile will be ready immediately.

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