Airdrops have a long history, particularly in the bitcoin and blockchain industries. An airdrop is a form of marketing gimmick in the cryptocurrency industry that includes distributing coins or tokens to wallet addresses in order to promote or raise awareness of a new virtual currency.

By diversifying the domain manifolds, Defi airdrops have evolved over time and have also given rise to NFT airdrops. Given the growing popularity of NFTs among investors, let's take a look at some of the biggest NFT airdrops in 2021.

Rarible: Rarible is a marketplace for buying and selling NFTs that focuses on creators. RARI, the company's native token, can be used to make transactions. It is the first-ever governance token in the crypto market, and it allows its holders to submit proposals and vote on them. With a weekly airdrop of 75,000 tokens, Rarible is also doing one of the largest NFT airdrops in the crypto world.

Lotto: Lotto is an ethereum-based digital lottery platform that holds weekly lotteries with strict rules. Every participating wallet receives five Lotto tokens, which are pooled and distributed to a weekly winner at random. They are currently airdropping up to 2000 LOTTO tokens per week.

Zed Run: Zed Run is a horse racing game based on the blockchain. NFTs are used to represent one horse in the game. Because each horse has its own distinct features and abilities, investors may wind up with a champion stallion or a stud who is better qualified.

Binance Smart Chain: The Binance Smart Chain has quickly established itself as a serious competitor to Ethereum, particularly in terms of NFTs. It's a blockchain built by the Binance community that operates alongside the Binance chain. Through the ethereum virtual machine, BSC features smart contract functionality and connectivity with the ethereum ecosystem (EVM). Out of a total supply of 10,000 tokens, the platform is now airdropping 1500.

Polkamon: Polkamon is a platform that connects collectors with rare, one-of-a-kind, and digitally animated items. Each collection is genuine and unique in terms of rarity. Modern games, art, and other blockchain-connected products can easily incorporate the Polkamon NFT collection.

CryptoPunks: On the Ethereum blockchain, it is one of the initial NFT tokens. It features 10,000 collected characters and proof of ownership recorded on the Ethereum blockchain. The modern CryptoArt movement served as inspiration for the project. It is currently ranked third among NFTs and is in high demand. When it first started, the prices were fairly low, but as demand grew, the prices rose, and now even the cheapest NFT token costs approximately $100,000.

PancakeSwap: With a market capitalization of US$1.9 million, PancakeSwap is a crypto trading platform based on the Binance smart chain. A few weeks ago, PancakeSwap had the most popular NFT airdrop. A limited-edition 3D animated NFT was given to the first 8,888 persons who made an account on the platform. NFT aficionados flocked to the airdrop in droves.

ParaSwap: ParaSwap is a decentralised exchange aggregator that compares rates from several exchanges and routes them appropriately. In a recent podcast, the founders of ParaSwap stated that the platform would be introducing a token shortly, but they did not specify how it would be distributed.

BNBBunnies: It's a collection of 10,000 collectibles that are uncommon and one-of-a-kind, with distinct general traits for each bunny. They're created by an algorithm, with the 100th rabbit possessing wings and other abilities. This is also one of the most significant crypto airdrops. Generally, 1500 bunnies are given away for free out of a total of 10,000.

OpenSea: OpenSea is one of the most popular NFT and crypto-collectibles marketplaces, although it lacks its own coin. The holders of tokens like RARE and RARI have a say in how the platforms are curated. However, OpenSea is a marketplace where anyone, including airdrops, can sell.

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