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A forex broker is a firm liable on account of a trader to purchase and sell currency. They provide customers with 24-hour, five days a week access to the worldwide market.

Many brokers were inspired by Forex's success among retailers to engage in this market, but few are highly credible than others.

Operational standards and regulations are, therefore, essential elements for the selection of the most appropriate forex broker.

The Australian Securities and Investment Commission regulates Australian brokers (ASIC).

While the ASIC Regulation nevertheless guarantees reasonable safety for retail traders and their funds. While it is less strict than those implemented within other countries such as the U.K. and the US.

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Why Use a Forex Broker?

One of the major advantages of the forex market is that traders of all experience and financial status can engage in it. This is mainly because of the influence of forex brokers.

You can start trading with limited money dependent on the minimum deposit needed by your selected broker rather than depositing big sums of cash to acquire currency via the bank.

There are many more factors to choose the usage of a forex broker as well as convenience.


Competitive Pricing: - Forex brokers mainly use spreads to recoup their costs. The relative difference between the sale to the purchase rates on a monetary pair. Often these distributions are quite little,, and the expense of each transaction is kept to a minimum.

Education: - The top forex broker will furnish you with a selection of instructional tools to create and minimize your risk if your trading strategy fails.

Leverage: - Some brokers will enable you to trade with influences; hence, you may set up a position in your account that is larger than the worth of money. Yet, there is a greater danger. However, when managed effectively, your profit margin may have a big influence.

Platform and Tools: - You have exposure to the greatest trading platforms and powerful tools from forex brokers, generally with 24-hour technical assistance if necessary.

Look for These in Your Forex Broker

The selection of a forex broker involves thorough scrutiny because your savings are at stake, and taking the incorrect decision might have disastrous financial effects.

A few significant elements to consider when evaluating brokers are, in addition to the Regulation, a major concern:


Study always the complete terms and conditions to comprehend the fees of any particular broker. Brokerages and spreads offer you a strong indicator that they are competitive.

Therefore, any deposit and withdrawal charges, overnight stays, and non-activity fee on the account must be considered, only to mention a few.

You must also evaluate whether you can fulfill minimal deposit criteria.

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Instruments Accessible:

The variety of accessible currency pairings in our top forex broker list ranges from about 50 to 180. And included major currencies such as EUR/USD, minors, and occasionally developing and exotic currency combinations.

Determine how varied your portfolio is and what pairs you want to be beforediscover whether your broker of option offers them.


One of the advantages of utilising a forex broker, as said, is that you may trade in leverage. You can thus open a position higher than your stability else would permit.

Although Australia, leverage regulations are looser than in the United States and the UK and most agencies are offering specific forex pairs till 1:500.


Several brokers embrace mainstream platforms, such as MetaTrader and cTrader, whilst others function via customised platforms. Some will provide the two simultaneously.

See what the attributes and functionality of each are accessible for usage. Here you perform all your trade activity, so the user interface and the instruments available to you must be convenient.

Educational Content: 

The easiest method to find out more regarding forex trading is by selecting a decent broker since the finest typically give free access to education materials and education programmes.

Explore the resources repository and the instruments it gives for research and market news for each broker.

Demo Account: 

Lastly, inspect to see whether you have a free demo account. There is your possibility to trial the broker and its infrastructure for risk-free fake businesses.

Assess just how the broker suits your way of business. If you are involved in hedging tactics, for example, be sure they are allowed.

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Best Forex Brokers of Australia:

Here is a summary of Australia's finest seven forex brokers. The suggestions are based on study and recognition and do not correlate to individual perspective.


Pepperstone consists of two sorts of accounts with different fees. You will pay $0 commission with 1.0 pips when you choose their standard account.

Your Razor account has very competitive distributions starting with 0.0 pips; the fee, however, is $3.5.

Leverages up to 1:500 are offered for Australian customers.

A initial deposit of $200 is necessary and the demo account will only be used for 30 days.

MT4, MT5, and cTrader are included on the platform, where more over 60 currency pairings may be found across major, minor and exotic markets.

On their website Pepperstone has a library of manuals and instructional material, webinars and a specialised area of market analysis.

This broker is widely known for its social trade offering; so, it is a positive way if you want a plan for copy trading.  To open a live account with this broker, click here.

XM Trader

Forex trading with XM facilitates access, based on account type, to about 55 currency pairs with competing spread to 0.0 pips.

Micro and Standard accounts are free of commissions, with typical spreads in major pairs beginning at 1.0 pips. You may discover the most competitive spreads on the XM Zero account, however the commission applies.

A minimum deposit of only $5 is needed for Micro and Standard. The amount for an XM Zero account initial amounts to $100.

Australian customers can leverage up to 1:500.

XM is a MetaTrader broker for desktop, online, and mobile apps that support MT4 and MT5. The patented XM WebTrader system may also be downloaded without any problems.

Many suggestions and insights, videos, webinars, podcasts and market analyses, are offered through his research and education facility. To open a live account with this broker, click here.

AVA Trade

AvaTrade, which delivers over 60 monetary pairings to individuals who trade in forex is the second top forex broker on our rankings.

The average spreads of the sector on key pairings, e.g. the EUR/USD at 0.9 pips with AvaTrade have just one standard account.

Tread careful of exotic pairings, though, as up to 80 pips can be used.

Australian customers are provided a swing up to 1:400 and presently a initial deposit requirement of $100 is required for opening an account.

AvaOptions, AvaSocial for copy trading, and its mobile App, AvaTradeGO, support MT4 and MT5.

You may establish a free Demo account, and there are many free educational and analytical tools available on the AvaTrade website.

Try out the best cfd trading platform in australia and earn lucrative profits today. To open a live account with this broker, click here.

GO Markets

Another Australian forex broker, Go Markets, is in business since 2006 and is well known.

While you choose among the Standard commission-free account or the Go Plus account with a 0.0-pip spread, you may experience an unlimited free demo with a commission start of $3.

In all its variants, both accounts function in MT4 and MT5. Go Markets integrates Myfxbook for social trading.

A initial $200 deposit is necessary and you may take advantage of the leverage up to 1:500 if your balance maintains higher than that amount.

Forex training with an initial introduction and continuous forex training for novices has been a special focus. To open a live account with this broker, click here.


Eightcap is an Australian financial brokerage firm, which since 2009 has been providing a clear pricing strategy with low variable spread charges with quotations from many prominent banks or institutions and provided by Equinix servers through advanced analytics.

In its reputed Australian headquarters and various branch offices all across the world, such as the UK, Bulgaria and Cyprus, Eightcap carry out a worldwide operation.

Eightcap focuses towards the construction and personalisation of a platform for MT4 and MT5 traders. This broker provides access through the award winning MetaTrader interfaces to one of the most prevalent financial products, all with speedy implementation and minimal spreads.

The dealer has access to over 250 financial products like oil, gold, silver, equities and cryptocurrency CFDs, major and minor currency pairings.

In fact, with the Broker digging deeper into a guaranteed competitive offering the common EUR/USD spread for regular 1.0 pips and even a raw spread of 0.0 pips delivers fantastic prices. The XAU/USD metal propagation is 1.0 pips. To open a live account with this broker, click here.

Black Bull Markets

BlackBullMarkets commenced operating in Auckland, New Zealand in 2014 and combined years of expertise with corporate forex with a priority on the provision of resources to retailers. Since then, the brokers may aggregate strong trading results with competitive rates as a financial services provider using proprietary software.

Many opportunities, including a range of aspects, business assets, instructional resources and active trading programmes.

In addition to several retail solutions, specialists, wealth managers and MAM and PAMM accounts also offer professional services for an institutional account.

BlackBull really presents it as a well-known broker as customers they serve are generally satisfied with the terms of trade and the benefits they receive. In addition to a series of accolades that validate BlackBull's success in the sector and make it one of its major technology and innovation's renowned trading services.

Through an ECN Standard account with spreads from 0.8 pips, you may select whether to spread all the expenses, more fit for beginners or regular sized traders depending on your trading strategy.

Where traders are busy or professional, ECN Prime account with 0.1 pipes raw spreads will best be used with a fee of 6 dollar per trade. To open a live account with this broker, click here.

AXI Trader

Axi is an Australian forex broker launched in 2007. Axi is originally known as Axi Trader. In 2020, the new "Axi" label was released.

Axi is regulated by various of financial institutions world-wide, including the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the Australian (ASIC) and the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA). Axi is therefore regarded safe, as it is controlled by many high-level agencies.

The Axi is subject to minimal forex costs, inactivity fees are not charged and deposits and transfers are also free of charge. The setup process of the account is seamless and completely digital.

The firm has just a modest choice of products that are CFDs and FX instruments. Customer help is only provided 24/5 while there are limiting research possibilities. To open a live account with this broker, click here.

Final Words:

All aforementioned organizations are governed by the FCA which is a key factor in picking a forex or CFD broker, as noted.

The list, of obviously, is not conclusive and not designed to convince you of any final selection. Use it instead as a australian forex brokers guide for helping your investigation and finding a broker that best matches your type of business and personal circumstances.

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