Best forex brokers for beginners in Cyprus in 2021.

Cyprus Forex firms may give customers the most appealing trading terms. Cyprus remains nearshore even after the Cyprus government became a part of the Eu with a focus and striving to meet competency and member status criteria and even embrace the Euro as its main currency at the start of 2008. 

Forex Brokers somehow have a variety of financial prerogatives on the island. Cyprus is still an overseas region.

With such tight competitiveness, the only way to pick the correct Cyprus brokers is to go to the Drforex official list. Today’s list is based on research and user input conducted out by us.

Looking for the best forex broker review in Cyprus, read till the end and find out a suitable one.

Features of Forex Brokers in Cyprus :

Clearly, one would assume that brokers in Cyprus would have particular characteristics to meet the numerous traders that trust their services as a global superpower in forex and financial markets.

Trading Platform Features

Broker businesses in Cyprus are synonymously available for PC, Mac, Web, and mobile applications online platforms. This works on all PC and mobile smartphone operating systems. The brokers also feature customized and multi-trader management solutions.

Including a built-in chart bundle utilized by most Cyprus brokers, the MetaTrader4 integrates with all features online as well as with a mobile app. Siri’s online trader for social forex trading is also another extensively employed platform. A variety of brokers are accessible with Meta-trader 5.

Spread and Commissions

Certain brokers provide a range of spreads and commissions for transactions carried out on their websites, which are classed in standards, VIPs, silver, bronze, gold, and platinum, based on the segment of the profile the trader uses. Spreads and fees depend on the currency pair that the trader decided to deal with.

Ways of Deposit 

There are various alternatives for traders utilizing Cyprus brokers to deposit or make withdrawals.

  • - Most organizations take both credits, and debit cards, including Master Card, VISA, Discover but only individual traders have the credit card technique.
  • - Wire Transfers by banks
  • - Some firms let Chinese traders make transfers and cancellations using UnionPay.
  • - Electronic payment such as PayZa, UKash, Neteller, among others

The costs and expenses collected for every transaction vary according to the broker. Therefore, for quantities that you can transact per account type, there are specific restrictions enforced.

Usually, few traders working with forex brokers situated in Cyprus would choose for other traders. The key reason for this is the highly advantageous market circumstances in the nation. 

Nevertheless, that might also engage brokers from the UK, Italy, Sweden, or even France. Therefore, a viable option for local Cyprus companies is that all credible brokers are headquartered in countries falling under the EU authority of MiFID.

Check out the forex reviews carefully and invest in understanding the markets.

Regulation of Forex Trading Cyprus :

The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission is the regulating agency for the capital sector. CySEC rules are harmonized with the 2004 Directive of the European Union on the Markets Financial Instrument (MiFID). MiFID is a collection of laws designed to establish a sample of financial market legislation in 31 EU Member States.

MiFID compliance has motivated many firms because it permits them to engage throughout the EU and strive according to its rules. However, a diligent forex market watcher may discover that many forex firms and binary options brokers are CySEC controlled.

In the forex sector, the mass of traders views CySEC regulation as a standard of excellence that ensures the security of their money.

Best Forex Brokers For Cyprus :

GO Markets

In 2006, GO Markets was established as an ASIC (Australia) brokerage firm which conforms entirely with local laws, compliance-led, competitive spread, and technological improvements.

The couriers, via its principal office in Australia, have offices in the United Kingdom, Cyprus, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, while at the same time providing an appreciation of the commercial environment associated with innovative technology.

The addition of leverage that might potentially raise your winnings in time when you trade in the Forex is another wonderful feature. However, it is also vital to learn to utilize leverage intelligently in order to reduce the hazards that work in both aspects.

The broker can manage the trading routes and select the best match in both account types, Standards and GO Plus Accounts. There is, therefore, an alternative between a standard trading proposition that relies on spread costs and access to the real ECN setting via GO Plus+ created especially using light-fast technology.

So as you can see, the Standard account specifies no commission grounds and is the greatest match in which to start trade without any problems, providing a spread baseline from the 1.1 pips choice.

In addition, the GO Plus Account has become a choice for skilled traders or those with a plan that involves 0.0 pips and trading fees incurred in a $3.00 per side charge. To open a live account with this broker, click here.


Orbex Forex Broker is a Cyprus-based organization with strong business history, technological foundation, and a wide variety of commercial services for the trade and education of multi-assets and continuous development.

Moreover, Orbex serves as a representative office in the MENA areas, Kuwait and Jordan, and offers an expanded portfolio of commercial operations even further. 

In addition to the fact that the broker in Mauritius with a higher leveraging ability has also secured a local financial license from the MFSC, Orbex widens its limits with an international proposition.

Leverage amounts or the broker's ability to provide additional loans that raise trading volumes and possibly amplify profits is specified in each country according to regulatory limits.

Because of its regulatory requirements, Orbex is a dependable online service that implements all EU rules and legislation in a formally regulated framework; one or now may be responsible. Moreover, Orbex is a trustworthy provider.

The Orbex is a Cyprus Investment Corporation under the supervision of CySEC, completely licensed and regulated, and permitted to operate across Europe on a worldwide basis. 

The Regulation described above is a transposition of the European law of MiFID operating under ESMA that helps to ensure the European Union’s financial stability and enhance investors ’ confidence and financial sector stability.

You're immediately subject to ESMA trades with the European Orbex Entity, which lately permit lower leverage rates for major currencies to 1:30 and goods to 1:10.

Orbex Global Trade offers the opportunity of accessing Forex products to a high degree of leverage up to 1:500.

Take reference to the top 10 forex brokers in the world and start your journey smoothly.

Orbex offers four trading accounts to fit the demands and tastes of each trader, whereas the selection is between a variable or fixed spread without any commission costs.

  • - Fast digital account opening
  • - An option between trading fee models
  • - Demo Account offered
  • - Fixed spread or variable spread, or raw spread accounts
  • - Swap-free accounts

More important traders of various methods have discovered their approach, as Orbex provides fixed and variable spreads of 0.0 pips and 0.8 pipes for standard accounts. To open a live account with this broker, click here.


Exness is the brand name of the worldwide brokerage company that serves from major Seychelles offices and is a Cyprus broker. The split character of the company allows customers throughout the world to benefit from tailor-designed financial services and investment solutions. At the same time, the global brand offers retail and mostly business solutions or collaborations vast potential.

In Cyprus, the EU-based corporation provides completely regulated services for EEA and global members. In addition, the broker increased its international reach and set up a UK-based company Exness UK Ltd that is also fully authorized, respectively.

In reality, the broker has received multiple awards as a retail broker since it delivers solid and dependable brokerage facilities in the convenient globalized economy built with their narrow spread and no disguised fees of 0.1 pips for the most demanding traders. 

The transaction procedure is supplied via the straightforward interface MT4, where you may trade several CFDs and Futures on various exchanges.

Exness also offers the majority of Forex brokers to employ leverage to improve possible benefits by allowing for numerous beginning account balances.

Leverage amounts are constantly based on your trading instrument dictated by the legal constraints and your particular skill level.

However, a worldwide Exness organization might allow considerably larger leverage ratios up to 1:1000, also regulated by your native country.

But, of course, always understand how to use leverage appropriately, as leverage can raise your potential losses and is a distinct function in different devices.

A standard cent account is perfect for small traders, a standard version, and a professional ECN account with basic pay offers and commission fees for each business account with more than 80 options. To open a live account with this broker, click here.


The XM broker began operations in 2009 and is now one of the most reputable authorized brokers; and operates in over 196 nations with support workers understanding 30 languages. 

The CySEC-regulated major industry in Cyprus does, however, actually address worldwide demands and serves in Dubai and MENA across Australia, the UK, Belize, and Greece.

Approximately 1.5 million XM speculators pick its broad choice of XM trading products, and the service broker offers complex trading tools, which are also suited for beginner traders. 

The reason for such rapid development and confidence for the broker is because XM seeks to offer its customers one of the leading user experiences.

XM may establish the account without a net investment of just 5$ or trading expertise and offers webinars and research resources, including its worldwide perspective to and creation of new markets. 

This makes it possible to engage and start the transaction with tradespeople from different worldwide countries.

Generally speaking, every step for creating, managing, depositing, and retailing accounts is clear, uncomplicated, and honest. To open a live account with this broker, click here.

Final Words :

The usage of only CySEC registered or regulated MiFID forex firms are strongly advised for Cyprus forex traders. This assures that the forex brokers employed safeguard accounts and reimburse the consumer for anything incorrect.

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