Burger King will accept Dogecoin for its ‘Dogpper' dog food in Brazil.

In Brazil, Burger King restaurants are now accepting Dogecoin in exchange for Whopper-themed dog treats, according to the company.

Burger King Creates Dogecoin Partnership

On July 27, the fast food chain announced the offer via Twitter.

“Are you out of Brazilian reals?” the announcement reads if translated. Buy using DOGE! Burger King is once again altering galaxies! DOGPPERS® is now taking the popular cryptocurrency Dogecoin as payment. Buying is simple; just go to our website.”

Each Dogpper is a 3 DOGE (approximately $0.63) meat-flavored bone-shaped delicacy. Due to limited supply, the company has advised customers to buy no more than five dog treats at a time.

Burger King's dog treats were initially introduced in 2019, but this is the first time they've been made accessible in cryptocurrency.

Will Burger King fully accept cryptocurrency?

It's unclear whether this agreement means the corporation will take cryptocurrency on a larger scale in the future.

The Dogpper is only available for a limited time. Petlove, an animal welfare organisation, will receive a portion of the revenues. Additionally, the offer is not limited to Dogecoin users; the company also accepts reals, Brazil's legal currency.

These facts indicate that the offer isn't solely focused on evaluating the viability of bitcoin payments.

This isn't the first time the fast food company has dabbled in cryptocurrencies. Whoppercoin was launched by the company's Russian subsidiary in 2017. That cryptocurrency is no longer in existence.

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