DogeCoin Futures Confirmed News: Said by CME Group.

The CME Group owner from Chicago does not intend to introduce a DogeCoin futures product, verified by unknown sources and CoinMarketCap.

A tweet from a Twitter account breaking news has ignited a speculative rattle inside the financial sector recognized as Crypto Twitter. This acknowledgment comes hours later after the rumor was released on Twitter.

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Check the tweet from @FirstSquawk, which sums up breaking news headlines from the business industry. The source sent an email to the operator’s website to confirm the Twitter information; they did not return it within the press time. 

However, some people acquainted with the scenario said to the unknown source CME has not released such a product. CME has refused to elaborate on Bitcoin futures since 2017.

Sources within the institutional trading environment were tweeting until the unknown source confirmed that they would have been intimidated prior by the CME to a kind commodity.


First Squawk was among the Twitter reports, which over this weekend signal enhanced an unfounded headline that reads: "US Treasury Will Fine Numerous Entities For Laundering Money Using Cryptocurrency." Few market analysts have related the news to the economic dive and avalanche of potential sell-offs this weekend.

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The latest multi-trading session was strikingly swept away by Dogecoin with a market capitalization of over $40 billion. In contrast, billionaire investors including Elon Musk and Mark Cuban evangelized meme-themed cryptocurrencies. Robinhood said last Friday it was a short disruption caused by Dogecoin-based activity on its website.

Dogecoin soared on Sunday; however, the price now has shrunk, and trade as per the TradingView statistics it has dropped 3.12 percent.
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