Donald Trump has been banned from Facebook for two years, starting on January 7th.

Facebook revealed on Friday that in January 2023, former President Donald Trump's Facebook and Instagram accounts may be resurrected.

At that point, the social media corporation will reassess whether bringing Trump back onto its platform poses a threat to public safety.

In a blog post, the business stated, “We will consider external circumstances, including instances of violence, prohibitions on peaceful assembly, and other markers of social unrest.” “If we conclude that there is still a substantial risk to public safety, we will extend the ban for a specific amount of time and re-evaluate until the risk has passed.”

If Trump is permitted back on the service, a rigorous set of fast escalating fines will be triggered if he breaks the company's content moderation guidelines again, according to Facebook.

Trump will be unable to broadcast to his followers on Facebook or Instagram for the next two years, until after the United States' midterm elections in 2022.

Following the insurgency on the US Capitol on Jan. 6, Facebook suspended Trump's accounts. The decision was Facebook's most vehement rebuke of Trump during his four-year presidency.

A few weeks later, Facebook forwarded the suspension to its oversight board, stating that “we believe it is necessary for the board to consider it and reach an impartial judgement on whether it should be upheld” because of the suspension's significance.

In May, Facebook's independent Oversight Board upheld the company's decision to suspend Trump's accounts. However, the board highlighted in its judgement that Facebook needed to reevaluate how it moderates political leaders' speech, clearly describe those guidelines for the public, and determine how long these individuals should be suspended.

According to the corporation, a two-year suspension was the proper amount to allow for a safe period of time following the Jan. 6 insurgency's acts, and it was a substantial enough penalty to dissuade Trump and others from repeating the infractions in the future.

Trump attacked Facebook's move in a statement sent by his office, calling it an insult to his voters and erroneously suggesting that the 2020 presidential election was rigged.

“They shouldn't be able to get away with this censorship and silencing, and we will triumph in the end,” Trump added in the statement. “This abuse will no longer be tolerated in our country!”

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