Facebook will use artificial intelligence to detect underage accounts and will delete accounts of users under the age of 13.

Facebook has acknowledged that determining people's age on the internet is a difficult challenge for the entire industry.

Facebook and Instagram were not created for people under the age of 13, according to the statement, and the firm is developing new techniques to prevent underage users from joining up.

In a statement, Facebook stated that they are working on artificial intelligence to detect and erase accounts of minors. In a statement, Pavni Diwanji, Vice President of Youth Products at Facebook, stated that they are working to identify and erase accounts of minors.

Facebook will make use of artificial intelligence (AI)

In a statement, the social networking platform said, "Many argue that collecting ID is the answer to this industry problem." "However, there are substantial limitations to this approach."

Many young people do not have identification, therefore ID collection is not a fair or foolproof solution, according to the statement.

The company is developing novel experiences for children under the age of thirteen. Facebook is also collaborating with operating system (OS) suppliers, internet browsers, and other service providers to share data that will aid apps in determining whether a user is of legal age. This will assist developers in keeping minors out of their apps.

Furthermore, the company stated that they are attempting to determine the age of the individual by seeing how people wish the individual, such as "Happy 21st Bday!"

The company believes that children aged 13 and under are already online, and it is working to develop new experiences for them that will be overseen by their parents and guardians. The company is concentrating on informing artificial intelligence technology using existing data.

A new Instagram experience for "tweens" is being planned by the firm. The company encourages children to use an experience that is age-appropriate and controlled by their parents.

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