Forex Trading Strategies – How to be consistently profitable?

Are you looking for some financial guidance, expertise, or trading strategies? Then you’ve come to the right place.

I’ve been involved in Forex trading for a few years, mainly studying the markets and trying to figure out how to make money in them. The more I learned about it, the more I found it fascinating. But the problem is that trading is extremely complex and even for experienced traders like me there are always opportunities to make money that won’t come from other areas of their business. 

A disciplined trader by trade takes great pride in providing easy-to-understand strategies that can continuously improve your net worth. However, it is possible with the right tools and strategies if you set your mind to it. 

In this blog, I’ll show you some of my trading methods and strategies that have helped me build up a significant amount of money over time while staying consistent with an even more focused strategy than what I use for my normal business trading.

Before entering the strategies, let me tell you honestly -

The possibilities are almost endless when it comes to options for earning profit. And while it is easy to get distracted by all the variety, you get caught up in the whole process of earning profit because that’s exactly what it is — a process. From choosing the best forex broker in the USA and striking the right trades to setting up your own trading platform, there is always something to be gained from increased knowledge about how the game is played.

Bollinger Trading Approach

The Bollinger band trading technique is a system used to place trades on the currency market. It's a specialized system created by John Bollinger in 1980. This method can be used to pick the areas where the currency market will rise and fall.

Meta Trader 4 Trading Techniques

It uses the upper band, lower band, and center band for its estimation. It also has two standard deviations. The Bollinger band indicator uses three different groups to gauge price changes, volatility, and drifting lines. It uses period and standard deviation parameters.

If you set the period for this indicator to something less than 20, you should not obtain signals too often. You can likewise change this proportion from 20/2 to 40/6, and so forth. This trading technique has an alternate kind of procedure.

This trading strategy uses an EMAS (Exponential Moving Average) and an SMA (simple moving average) as a signal.

This trading technique has two parameters: period and standard deviation. The first one is used to measure volatility, while the second one determines whether we should trade or wait.

  • - Bollinger + MACD
  • - Gimmee bar
  • - Double bottoms
  • - Reversal methodology
  • - Bands Riding
  • - Breakout with Bollinger groups

Best Forex Strategy Ever

Double Bottoms: - The Bollinger band is an indicator pattern that identifies market volatility and helps traders with the decision of entering a trade. The top and bottom are used to identify the mood of the market and drive decisions on when to enter and exit trades. It is a strategy that can help improve performance in a slow-moving market.

The twofold base system is used to identify the ascending and descending patterns of the market. It makes the indicator diagram rise in a programmed manner. It is also used to identify value activity in the market pattern. The indicator diagram makes an M letter pattern.

Reversal Strategy: - The reversal system is a feature of the harmonic pattern lines that reveals two possible scenarios for the currency pair. The trader should set long and short stop-losses accordingly.
At some point, the value begins to move above or beneath the Bollinger Bands in the Bollinger Bands indicator. The Bollinger Bands indicator identifies reversals as abrupt changes or developments of the value patterns. It is optimal to use these volatile price changes to your advantage.

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Consistently Profitable Trading Strategies

Brands Riding: - The Bollinger band method relies on the cost history to determine the best time to buy or sell FX. Most traders are using an old and non-productive methodology to buy and sell currency pairs.

You can be more profitable in the Forex market, by knowing when to buy and sell. If the cost is expanding, you should buy and when the cost is diminishing you should put a selling system, you don’t need to hold up until the worth contacts the highest or the lowest point of the chart.

In other words, they have the ability to quickly assess the relative value of various assets and act accordingly. It’s known as group riding.

Bollinger Band with MACD Indicator: - The most typical approach to utilize Bollinger Bands is to include other indicators, especially trend-following indicators, to the standard Bollinger Band formula.

Profitable Forex Scalping Strategy

This combination is also utilized to identify the mixing and the variance in the market trend. These two indicators are used in the Forex market for a probable breakthrough. In this process, traders used the MACD indicator as a communal tool in the layout of the market. These two indicators work together to identify the volatility and activity in the indicator graph.

Gimme Bar

It is indeed a trading strategy employed by the forex market to detect the rollbacks in the trend of the market.

This technique gives traders accurate instances of buying and selling methods. It is often used to detect the reversals in the trade rhythm and to alter the value growth unexpectedly.
Joe Ross gives this concept. In fact, this technique is used by transitory traders since it reveals unforeseen and rapidly changing market changes. It is used to detect the shift in the marketplace trend at the top and bottom.

Breakout with Bollinger Bands

This technique is utilized to identify the degree of assistance and hindrance in the pattern of the market. This method promotes traders to trade accurately and profitably with support from degrees of aid and hindrance. This design also uses breakaway networks. This method usually distinguishes between persistent and stopped reversal.

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