Google finishes laying a giant undersea internet cable stretching 3,900 miles from New York to the United Kingdom and Spain.

  • On Tuesday, Google finished laying its Grace Hopper subsea internet cable in the United Kingdom.
  • The 3,900-mile Grace Hopper cable originates in New York and terminates in the United Kingdom and Spain.
  • When fully operational, the cable will be capable of transporting up to 350 gigabytes of data per second, Google said.

Google has finished laying its giant Grace Hopper subsea internet cable, which stretches from New York to the United Kingdom and Spain.

On Tuesday, the Grace Hopper cable arrived at Bude, Cornwall, on the UK's western coast. The landing was previously expected for July, according to a Google spokeswoman. The cable's second end arrived in Bilbao, Spain, in September.

Google unveiled its Grace Hopper cable project in July 2020, which now stretches over 3,900 kilometres across the Atlantic.

The line was scheduled to transfer between 340 and 350 gigabytes of data per second at the time, which is roughly comparable to 17.5 million individuals watching 4K video at the same time, according to Google.

The cable will also use a novel technique called "fibre switching," which should make web traffic more stable even during outages, according to the business.

A Google spokesperson said, the cable will be available in 2022.

Grace Hopper isn't the only Google cable that connects the United States with Europe. The business declared in February that its "Dunant" cable, which connects the United States and France, was ready for service.

Around the world, Google has invested in underwater cable projects. In August, the business announced a partnership with Facebook to develop a new cable called "Apricot," which will span 7,456 kilometres and connect six Asian countries.

Apricot is set to launch in 2024.

Google announced plans to build a new cable called "Firmina" that will stretch from the US West Coast to Argentina in June. The business already operates the "Curie" cable, which connects the United States' West Coast with Panama and Chile. Curie became operational in 2019.

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