In El Salvador, Starbucks, PizzaHut, and McDonald's are now accepting bitcoin.

El Salvador became the first country to accept Bitcoin as legal cash on Tuesday, when Starbucks expanded its payment capabilities to include Bitcoin.

Despite the fact that the law requires businesses to accept Bitcoin, many people doubted that huge corporations would be able to incorporate Bitcoin payment options by the time the law took effect.

Many critics were surprised to learn that Starbucks in El Salvador can and would accept Bitcoin payments. On Tuesday, videos of Bitcoin transactions in San Salvador emerged on Twitter.

McDonald's, the fast food giant, started taking Bitcoin payments in El Salvador on Tuesday.

While McDonald's partnered with OpenNode to provide a payment solution in El Salvador, it's unclear what software Starbucks is using to process Bitcoin lightning payments.

Many Bitcoiners are still unsure whether and to what extent these massive corporations will adopt Bitcoin payment systems outside of El Salvador. It seems implausible that they would continue to give superior payment technology solutions to only El Salvador while ignoring services that allow consumers in the United States to pay in Bitcoin.     

It has yet to be verified  whether all other major American companies functioning in El Salvador, such as Nike and Walmart, have enabled Bitcoin payments.

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