In India, Coinbase building an office, says CEO Brian Armstrong, makes open calls for jobs.

To "build out a sustainable, well-rounded tech hub," Coinbase announced job openings in engineering, product and design, and support function teams such as recruiting and HR.

Brian Armstrong, the CEO and co-founder of Coinbase, recently announced that the business is growing its personnel in India. Armstrong said in a tweet late on July 2: "Coinbase is establishing a presence in India. Come join our amazing team that is already in place."

Armstrong's post garnered nearly 5,000 likes and nearly 1,000 retweets as of this writing, with over 300 comments. The site received mostly positive feedback, with comments like "great!" and "welcome to India," as well as requests for Coinbase plans to grow into other markets including as Malaysia and Africa.

While the tweet itself did not provide any information, Armstrong linked to a blog post by Pankaj Gupta, VP Engineering and Site Lead India, titled "Building Crypto out of India," which detailed Coinbase's aspirations for the country.

Gupta said, the post details the company's "goals and ambitions in India, as well as how we think about this centre in general."

“It is widely known that India has a thriving, world-class community of software engineers, technology builders, and entrepreneurs...we are pleasantly surprised by the growing expertise in crypto and blockchain technologies as well,” he said, noting that the crypto situation has “never been more exciting” globally, but that India, in particular, had important native projects such as Polygon and Instadapp.

So, what can we expect in the future?

Gupta stated that the company is "totally committed to developing understanding of crypto and blockchain in the region" and that "hundreds of engineers" will be hired in the near future.

To "build up a sustainable, well-rounded tech hub," additional jobs will be available in the product and design teams, as well as support function teams such as recruiting and HR.

The India hub will include teams from all of Coinbase's core divisions, including infrastructure, cloud, platform, payments, crypto, blockchains, data engineering, machine learning, growth, and product engineering.

Guptas has urged prospective founders to approach him personally so that the company can look into startup acquisitions and acquihires in India.

Coinbase intends for teams to operate freely, with big and autonomous charters led by local engineering directors.

The “intentional” localised independence is designed to maximise impact and velocity. In the APAC area, however, teams will work on a mix of global and local products and systems.

The structure of the company has been designed to "maximise learning, growth, and impact."

The hub will have a "flexible and modern work atmosphere with plenty of advantages", Gupta said.

Coinbase has a "remote-first strategy," which means they would hire from all around India and establish physical offices in key cities to give a hybrid, flexible workplace, according to him.

The business is also launching a new initiative called CIkka, which will give each new employee in India a one-time $1000 in cryptocurrency when they start. “We expect them to take advantage of this opportunity to learn about crypto, and then utilise that knowledge to help us build the next generation of goods that will delight our customers throughout the world,” Gupta added.

The company is also committed to fostering a "culture of persistent innovation" by allocating 10% of its resources to significant product bets as part of Project 10%.

Those interested in working at Coinbase can do so by visiting their website and applying for an available position.

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