Joe Biden brags over the 300 million COVID-19 vaccine doses given in the United States, but warns about the Delta form.

WASHINGTON, D.C. — President Joe Biden revealed on Friday that the United States had provided 300 million COVID-19 vaccines in 150 days, marking a significant milestone in the fight against the coronavirus epidemic.

 “What we're witnessing is a genuinely American achievement; 67% of American individuals, including 85% of our elders, have had at least one shot. "Only 5% of adult Americans were infected just five months ago," Biden remarked at the White House during remarks on the COVID-19 outbreak.

Nearly 315 million vaccinations had been given out as of Friday morning, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Biden also emphasised the importance of bridging the racial divide in vaccines.

"People of colour received more than 58 percent of vaccines delivered by government run immunisation clinics." "People of colour have accounted for more than half of all vaccines in the last month across the country," Biden stated.

The president said, "The more we close the racial gap in immunisation rates, the more lives we'll save."

Biden started a month-long campaign earlier this month to convince more Americans to get the vaccine. The announcement included a "Shots at the Shop" effort, which gathered 1,000 African-American-owned barbershops and beauty salons to act as vaccination sites.

During his speech, Biden emphasised the importance of vaccination as well as the hazards of a COVID-19 Delta form, which decimated India last month.

"The best way to protect yourself against these mutations is to get completely vaccinated," Biden said.

"The truth is that deaths and hospitalizations are significantly reduced when people are vaccinated." However, in many regions, especially in States with low vaccination rates, cases and hospitalizations do not decrease." In some locations, they are actually rising," Biden continued.

The nation has been fighting an uphill struggle to fulfil Biden's goal of 70 percent of people in the United States receiving at least one COVID-19 shot by July 4. According to the CDC, only 65 percent of persons aged 18 and above have got one dose of the vaccination.

The United States passed 600,000 COVID-19 deaths on Tuesday and now has more than 33.5 million confirmed coronavirus cases, according to Johns Hopkins University data.  

'There is extremely little comfort among those who were not fully vaccinated due to COVID-19 and are being hospitalised,' the president warned.

Biden also provided words of encouragement to a troubled country.

“God willing, we're about to embark on a summer of joy and freedom. "On July 4, we'll celebrate our nation's freedom as well as our independence from the virus," Biden stated. "Let's get this done collectively, all of us."

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