Lost your job during COVID-19? Here's what to do?

The Coronavirus Pandemic has left many people unemployed globally. Even before the pandemic, World economy was witnessing a big slowdown resulting in increased levels of employment. The pandemic has just accelerated things with companies letting go of individuals because they can’t afford to stay them with no revenues coming in. Job-hunts are normally a really painful process and with the pandemic in situ , they’ve become even worse.

If you’ve lost your job during the lockdown, there are some belongings you can do to assist regain balance to your life and to seek out new work opportunities.


Assess your financial situation:

When you’re abandoning from employment , your first concern would be to seek out yourself another role because you would like money to survive. We recommend assessing your financial situation i.e. your savings, your monthly expenses, an emergency cushion, liquid investments and such. you would like to understand how long you'll manage to travel on without employment then take action accordingly but cutting unnecessary costs, increasing how long you would like the cash to remain , keeping aside money for emergencies.

While you’re assessing things , do consider any debt you've got taken and therefore the impact of availing a moratorium. We recommend availing this facility only and only you've got no other alternative because it are often quite costly.

Update your Resume:

Update your resume till date and have it handy, along side a canopy letter. When someone offers to assist you, you ought to be ready to send it to them directly . Quantify your accomplishments as strongly as possible, use action verbs and make sure the resume you've got created is well-formatted and free from any grammatical errors.

Update your LinkedIn profile:

You’ll find more jobs here than on any job portal given the present economy. Professionals are coming together to supply a hand to those that are seeking employment opportunities during these distressing times. Update your LinkedIn Profile with all the small print , have knowledgeable picture, build a network of individuals and put up a post that tells your story. Please note that rather than going with a sob-story, mention your accomplishments, experiences and work areas and highlight the very fact that you’ve lost out thanks to Covid-19. People would be glad to assist you.

Reach bent your ex-employer:

An increasing trend that has been noticed amongst employers who need to abandoning of their employees is their concern for the workers . Several employers are glad to recommend you to people and corporations and obtain you placed once they need to allow you to go due to financial difficulties. Reach bent your employer and ask them for a few help find a replacement position and/or a referral or letter of advice . You never know, they could know someone who would be glad to require you on-board.


I cannot emphasise the importance of networking enough. albeit you've got a robust profile, you would like to network with more people a day . If you ask 10 new people daily (actually have a conversation), a minimum of one among them might offer to assist you and a minimum of 4-5 of them would keep you in mind for future openings that they find. Keep building your network and sooner or later, someone are going to be ready to on-board you or refer you to someone who can.

Job Portals:

Register yourself on job portals like, IIM Jobs, etc. and complete your profile. Start applying for jobs there and wait to listen to back. Reach bent hiring agencies and send them your resume. they're always trying to find good candidates for his or her clients and could be ready to help at no cost.

Follow Up:

When someone offers to assist you or asks for your resume for a task or takes an interview with you, make sure that you'll follow up with them during a few days. It shows them that you simply are keen on the chance and keeps you on their mind in order that they can refer you to more places.

Do Not Fall For Scams:

Several fraudsters call job-seekers asking them for funds to urge those interviews or to assist them get hired by companies. don't pay. If you receive such a call, reach bent the corporate and ask them about things . Confirm it before making any payment or moving to a special city on the idea of such calls. albeit this is often a troublesome time, you want to keep your head clear and stay alert about this.


Use the time to find out more skills which will be relevant to your field or assist you gain access to more responsibilities in your field. It shows potential employers initiative to figure by yourself to enhance your contribution to the corporate .

Don’t Lose Faith:

I know that losing your job during this point are often brutal and it can take an absolute toll on your health but you've got to be strong. It’s just a phase and it'll pass. believe yourself, don’t accept less and therefore the right opportunity will come along.

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