We got some great news about Dogecoin from Mark Cuban because he said explicitly that he's going to be on The Ellen Show tomorrow to talk, specifically, about our favorite thing, Dogecoin. 

To break down everything he said, some of the specific details where the price of dogecoin could go? What this is going to do overnight to it and everything else you need to know.

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But anyways, Mark Cuban came out and tweeted just earlier today that he said, first of all, before we get into the Ellen DeGeneres stuff, he first said that just talk to my friends at Bitpay. They make the Mavs doge sales not only do the math, sales continue to grow, but Bitpay says that they're on track to do 6000 doge transactions in April. So this is huge news. We're seeing that continuing to grow.

Anything we see coming out of Mark Cuban, Elon Musk concerning Dogecoin is big news now that we see that.

From Mark Cuban’s page, six thousand dollar transactions in April from Bitpay is very positive news. It already has over ten point eight thousand likes, already over three thousand read tweets.

And it's just going to continue to grow. It was just a couple of hours ago.

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The second piece of good news is that Mark Cuban on his way. He also responded to someone's tweet, which said, why doge over other crypto designed to be currency mark? Why not back the one that has utility and value? They were calling him out. They're saying, hey, why are you doing Dogecoin?

I want you to buy Bitcoin Ethereum. Are you pushing those instead? What he said is Bitcoin because Doge is the one coin that people use for transactions. We take many others via Bitcoin, but people spend their doge, which means more businesses will start taking it. The greatest inhibitor to its growth is that you can't spend the Doge you buy on Robinhood.

So basically, what he's saying is that right now, many of the people who are investing in Dogecoin, buying dogecoin, are doing it on Robinhood. And with Robin Hood, you cannot buy other things directly via, let's say, a Robin Hood debit card, Robin Hood credit card. You can't buy anything with your Robin Hood card using Dogecoin. So that is one of the biggest inhibitors right now, he said, because that's where many people are storing their dogecoin.

If they allowed people to make transactions with it, and that would be a big deal. The big problem with this is that on Robin Hood, you don't own the underlying cryptos. What happened is Robin Hood holds it like they have an extensive Dogecoin portfolio where they a large Dogecoin wallet, where they have all of the dogecoins that people buy, essentially.


So that's what's going on. That's the most significant inhibitor. Now on to the most exciting news of the day, his last week came within the last hour.

And he said, tomorrow I'm going to be on The Ellen show talking about, you guessed it, "Dogecoin" run-up. And this is exciting because we haven't heard much from Mark Cuban on Dogecoin in the last couple of days. Him, Elon Musk, a lot of celebrities being a bit quiet since we've seen this massive run-up with Dogecoin. 

They helped propel it up to over 40 cents per coin. But this is enormous news because, first of all, on TV, the Ellen Show averages about one point five million daily viewers.

They used to have a bit more, but some of the drama went on. It's gone down significantly. So one point five million daily viewers.

That's a ton of people in addition to this. That's not all.

They also have about four million daily views like views on average per day on YouTube. So four million. Another one point five from TV. That's five-point five million. Finally also have their Facebook pages, which is over a couple million a day as well. They have tick-tock and all the other platforms.

So in total, it's going to be about seven million people who view Ellen or her The Ellen Show every day. And they're going to see this episode or have the potential to see this episode with Mark Cuban.

So this is going to be big for Dogecoin. This is what we need. We've seen Dogecoin price right now skyrocket to over 40 cents per coin, and it has come back down a bit. It seems like it's leveling off quite a bit, and it's been consolidating around that.

Twenty-six, twenty-seven, twenty-eight cents range right now between 25 and 30 cents per coin with this announcement with him going on The Ellen show. Those seven million people who may have never had any exposure to Dogecoin other than what's going on in the news now, they're going to have Mark Cuban, who knows what he's talking about. 

He's been in the tech industry for years, and he's going to know exactly what he's talking about with regards to Dogecoin, potentially educate people on what it is, how to invest in what's going on.

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We'll have to wait and see exactly what he says. But either way, this is excellent news for Dogecoin. And this could bring millions of more people into the Dogecoin community, have millions of more dollars invested simply by him talking about the show, promoting it on his Twitter.

And this could be really, really big for Dogecoin, driving the price back up well above that 30 cents per. The range seems to be the resistance that we've seen for a while now. We haven't been able to break over that for the last week since we saw that massive run-up. So we'll see what happens here. 

But either way, this is absolutely fantastic news for Dogecoin. If you like this news, please be sure to let me know in the comments if you think it’s good.

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