Mastercard to donate nearly USD 10 Million to India to fight COVID-19 crisis.

Mastercard originally known as "Interbank" announced a pledge of US$10 million to directly address critical Covid-related needs in India. The nation has seen an increase in both Covid diagnoses and deaths in recent weeks, with the healthcare system being pushed to its limits as nearly 346,000 new cases are reported every day.

The philanthropic efforts, delivered through the Mastercard Impact Fund, will specialise in three priority areas – access to hospital resources, access to additional oxygen supplies and continued support of the company’s employees across the country.

The largest contribution are going to be designated to support the expansion of two ,000 beds through the installation of portable hospitals which will address the immediate healthcare needs. Working with the government & native partners on the bottom, these hospitals are often constructed quickly & will help an estimated 2.5 million Indians gain access to healthcare, adding to the nation’s healthcare infrastructure.

"The situation in India is heartbreaking; it's clear that no one has been spared, and no one is frequently a bystander," Mastercard executive chairman Ajay Banga said.  Now is the time for us to put our shoulders to the wheel and do everything we can to help India as a whole get through this worsening crisis.

In addition to the on-the-ground medical support, Mastercard is additionally allocating funding for extra shipments of 1,000 oxygen generators, as a part of a broader corporate effort and therefore the company is donating to local charities and NGOs to permit for mission of these suffering from the virus, including the frontline medical workers across the country.

"The United States and India have a long tradition of assisting one another in times of need," said Richard Verma, general counsel at Mastercard and a former US ambassador to India. It's important that we tend to assist our members of the family & others who are affected."

"Prof. K. VijayRaghavan, Principal Scientific Adviser, said, "The steep increase in Covid-19 cases presents a huge challenge to clinical care facilities." It is of the utmost importance to upgrade current hospital facilities by increasing the number of beds to accommodate more critically ill patients and purchasing more equipment to improve patient oxygenation. We are grateful to the industry for his or her support to assist various State Governments’ critical care systems to spice up their response to Covid-19. Mastercard & office of the Principal Scientific Adviser (PSA) to Government of India @PrinSciAdvGoI have joined hands to supply 2,000 beds & buy oxygen concentrators for hospitals in states that are affected the foremost . There are many such partnerships, more such needed within the coming days. We hope to assist them as soon as possible in the areas where they are most needed."

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