Miners Raking Dogecoin: How Long Can They Hold?

The income of miners from the Dogecoin blockchain meme has hit a high level of ever-new estimates. While the Dogecoin price dropped last week, the figures from the analyst company ByteTree indicate that miners reported $3.6 million on April 26. 

That spikes the profit estimation of 4,575% since the start of the year and made chaos in the crypto sector. Whereas the processing costs in the system have been steeply increased, the growth in mining incomes can mostly be due to the boost of Dogecoin's value.

The valuation of Dogecoin, which raced with the Bitcoin bull drove, has increased by about 6,500 percent since 1st January.

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"Transaction fees have risen, and the cost overwhelms," said ByteTree CIO Charlie Morris. "It squeezed the economy up, and  I think a lot of people who, a few years back, purchased [Dogecoin] skipped, which led to a tighter availability than they should own."

Mining MEME Coin
Started the Meme Coin in 2013 by two developers named Billy Markus, IBM Developer, and Jackson Palmer, Adobe Data Scientist. Launched to satire online hysteria bordering cryptocurrencies at the time.

However, it is now an emblem of cults becoming faithful and ever-greater followers. Several celebrities, including Snoop Dogg, Gene Simmons, and, above all, Elon Musk, supported the currency as well.

In the stream to what the online group called "DogeDay," Cardano, XRP, and Tether were the fourth most prominent cryptocurrency in the globe for a short time last week.

As with Bitcoin and other digital currencies that employ proof-of-work (PoW) consensus, Dogecoin miners earn both transaction fees and newly minted coins in exchange for validating transactions on the network.

When transaction charges and the value of the crypto have increased simultaneously, Dogecoin mining is now more profitable than ever. 
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Yet, there is an equally passionate doubter for any Dogecoin advocate. Some economists believe that the enormous growth in the value of the coin is unrelated to any actual value and is driven by leading figures in social media and a wish to capitalize in the crypto bull run.

Many enthusiasts claim the cryptocurrency is haphazardly regulated, with almost 65% of Dogecoin assets kept in just 98 authorized wallets (with the largest wallet holding 28 percent ).

The accumulation of supply in just a few hands produces the scenario where a sale could sweeping away billions of dollars and simultaneously collapsing mining revenues when the Dogecoin price collapses.

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