No charger in iPhone 12 box so Brazil fines Apple $2 million.

The Brazilian consumer watchdog, Procon-SP, has fined Apple $2 million for not including a charger in the newly-launched iPhone 12 series, accusing the tech giant of allegedly engaging in “misleading advertising and selling a device without the charger and on unfair terms.”

Last October, Apple said that the new flagship would be sent without a charger and earbuds because of environmental reasons. The company said by not making these accessories, it would be able to reduce carbon emissions. According to Apple VP Lisa Jackson, users are replacing power adapters with wireless charging methods, and it seems wasteful to include adapters in the boxes.

The regulator questioned if the company would reduce the price of the new flagship after removing the charger. But Apple didn’t respond.

"Apple needs to understand that in Brazil, there are solid consumer protection laws and institutions," said Fernando Capez, Procon-SP Executive Director. Capez also noted that the company must abide by and respect the laws and institutions in the country.

Apple has yet to comment on Procon-SP charges. While the iPhone 12 mini costs $729 in the US, in Brazil the same phone is around $1,200. Apple introduced the iPhone 12 series in October and announced that the phone would only have a charging cable inside the box, without a power adapter and headphones.

Apple has cited that the environmental impact of their decision would lead to a reduction of 2 million metric tonnes of carbon, which is equal to removing 450,000 cars in one year.

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