"No Red Or Blue States", Just USA: Joe Biden's Promise On Election Day

Philadelphia: US Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden on Tuesday promised that if he gets elected he would not differentiate between the Democrat and Republican states.

"I promise you this, as I am running as a proud Democrat if you elect me, I'm going to be an American President, there will be no red states or blue states just the United States of America," Joe Biden said while addressing his supporters in Philadelphia.

Taking note of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, he assured people that the nation would overcome the pandemic by making "smart moves."

"We have an enormous opportunity as a country. Not only we are going to be able to overcome this virus by taking some smart moves but we are going to rebuild the middle class. It built this country and Unions built the middle class," he said.

Joe Biden added: "We are going to have more people vote in this election than at any time in US history."

"The president (Donald Trump) has got a lot of things backwards. He thinks that he can decide that who gets to vote but guess what, the people are going to decide who gets to be president," he said.

He asked the people in the US to choose hope over fear on the election day. "We have to remember who we are. This is the United States of America. Anybody who knows Donald Trump, we have to let him know who we are. We choose hope over fear, we choose truth over a lie, and we choose science over fiction."

"When was the last time that you ever heard, when a US President shows up and the whole UN laughs at him. This has not happened before. Or when he appears at the NATO meeting, people make fun of him," he added.

The Democratic nominee also promised to accept any mistakes he makes. "I promise you I am going to take responsibility. If I'll make a mistake, I will admit it."

Over 100 million people have already voted and some states, such as Pennsylvania, will report the in-person vote count before moving through the absentee ballots.

Around 239 million people are eligible to vote this year. The mail-in ballots could take days to be counted -- meaning a winner might not be declared in the hours after polls close on Tuesday.

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