Polygon Supported by Famous Investor Mark Cuban.

The Ethereum-based significant Impact recently emerged, apparently confirming its contribution in the venture on the website of Mark Cuban Companies.

Business magnate Mark Cuban has poured his support with Polygon according to a new statement made on one of its websites, providing further proof that rich investors, amid the recent turbulence, are digging in the digital asset industry.

Polygon seems to have been added to the platform of Mark Cuban Companies currently, and the billionaire's support for the project is verified.

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In the last year, once a polarizing figure in the crypto-monetary market, Cuban became a more outspoken partisan of the emerging asset class. A while back, after Elon Musk announced that Bitcoin (BTC) was not accepted because of environmental problems, Cuban said Dallas Mavericks would keep taking the digital currency.

Cuban has also recognized that cryptocurrencies are reflecting actual demand for their usefulness and argue that the sector's potential is already promising.

"A network effect of CURRENT and multiple user engagement must be created. It is indeed a concern for most L1s and L2s because selling in the crypto world is not at all horrific [with] few exceptions."

Despite the fast rise of the network this year, his support for Polygon is hardly shocking. Originally recognized as Matic, Polygon is an Ether-based transaction-efficient multi-chain scaling system.

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The Polygon consumer base increased by 75,000 in just one week, as openly admitted by Cointelegraph, demonstrating burgeoning needs for layer two solutions. Nearly $1 trillion in volume has been developed by consumers.

Until questioned what distinguished Polygon from the other scaling solutions in the second layer, Cuban replied Cointelegraph that he has been "an active consumer," adding:

"It functions efficiently, and the user base keeps growing most significantly."

The billionaire businessman told Polygon in the context of what Mark Cuban enterprises offer:

"We are merging polygon in, an input on marketing that we believe will be of great use for building a forum for NFTs and private galleries."

Polygon's chief operating officer, Sandeep Nailwal, mentioned his talks with Cuban "very mentally blowing," adding:

"It was really fantastic to hear that he had indeed thought about them and had these things in mind the complexities of business, tech, and acceptance which we had detected after months of grind."

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