REvil, the ransomware group, strikes again, demanding $70 million in Bitcoin from 200 US companies.

REvil, a ransomware hacking group that brought the networks of at least 200 American companies to a stop on Friday, has demanded $70 million in bitcoin (BTC, +1.79 percent ).

  • - REvil had targeted Kaseya, a software company, and exploited its network-management software to transmit ransomware over the internet, according to ABC News in Australia reported on Saturday.
  • - It is estimated that over a million machines have been infected, according to a number of additional sources.
  • - The ransomware gang located in Russia is now seeking bitcoin in exchange for a decryptor for affected computers.
  • - A post on the dark web site Happy Blog reads, "On Friday, we initiated an attack on [managed service providers]." “Over a million systems have been infected.”
  • -REvil attacked Colonial Pipeline in May and was successful in getting the corporation to pay a $5 million ransom after its functioning and services were curtailed, resulting in a gas shortage in the United States.
  • - In a separate attack on May 30, JBS Holdings, the world's largest beef company by sales, paid a $11 million ransom to the same organisation.
  • - President Biden said during a public appearance on Friday that he'd ordered US intelligence agencies to look into the attack, and he'd take action if Russia was behind it.

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