Richard Branson's Inspiring Message from Space for Future Dreamers Goes Viral: 'To All You Kids'.

On Sunday, Richard Branson, the billionaire business entrepreneur and founder of the Virgin Group, reached the edge of space onboard Virgin Galactic's VSS Unity, just days before his fellow billionaire Jeff Bezos would go into space on July 20. Branson is the first person in the world to travel to space in his own spacecraft.

Richard Branson wrote on Twitter about his first trip to space and a message to youngsters, saying that as a child, he dreamed of looking up to the stars and now, as an adult, he was in a spaceship “looking down to our lovely Earth.”

“To the next generation of dreamers: if we can achieve this, just imagine what you can do,” Branson continued on Twitter. Branson and his colleagues were thrilled and mesmerised when they experienced zero gravity for the first time in a video linked to the Tweet, which lasted slightly over 30 seconds.

The space flight on Sunday featured five of Branson's Virgin colleagues, two of whom are pilots, in addition to the 71-year-old. The shuttle broke through the United States' recognised space barrier, reaching an altitude of 86 kilometres. According to the news agency AFP, everyone on board the VSS Unity felt weightless for a few minutes.

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In a blog post, Branson emphasised that space is for all of humanity, announcing that Virgin Atlantic will partner with Omaze to facilitate space journeys for all, with anyone interested filling out their information at

“Every philanthropic donation will benefit Space For Humanity, and you will be entered into the Omaze sweepstakes for a chance to win two seats aboard one of the first commercial Virgin Galactic space flights,” Branson added.

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