South Korea leads the globe in 5G download speeds, 10x faster than the United States.

South Korea is one of the few nations in the world that have fully adopted 5G technology. But, in addition to being one of the first, it is also the only country capable of delivering the full capabilities of the newer, faster telecommunication generation.


According to a SpeedCheck report, the country has the fastest download speeds in the world. According to the report, the region's speeds can exceed 449 Mbps (5G median download speeds).

This finding was discovered during experiments conducted in February and March of 2021. The typical 5G download speed in the United States, on the other hand, is only 43.4 Mbps, which is around ten times slower than their Korean carrier equivalents. Furthermore, the United States has a far lower 5G penetration rate of only 10% compared to South Korea's 20%.

As a result of the high speeds, implies that people in South Korea are more likely to have a better 5G experience with large-file download times, a more immersive VR/AR experience, and even when playing online video games.

Taiwan came in second place for the region with the fastest 5G download speeds, with a median speed of 135.36 Mbps. This is still a long way behind the speeds given by South Korean telecom operators.

A price comparison between US and South Korean networks was also included in the paper. People in the United States paid about 1.5 US dollars per gigabyte, while South Koreans paid 2.3 US dollars per gigabyte, according to data. While the number is larger, the difference in networking speeds between the two appears to compensate for the overall price value. SpeedCheck also feels that if US citizens can have substantially better networking speeds, money isn't an issue.

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