Strategies to Trade Profitably During the Economic Crisis.

Covid 19 has brought substantial problems to companies and merchants in every nation as a result of the worldwide economic crisis in the year. Moreover, sales, earnings, payroll, and debt management have been adversely affected by millions of businesses.

Many novice and expert traders are struggling to adapt their trading methods amid the outbreak through national lockdowns, healthcare supply shortages, and other key items and delays in regular delivery chain operations.

It is particularly hard amid the catastrophe to make good predictions for position building, to concentrate on which markets, and to choose what facts to follow and act on. The possibility of a " third wave" is aggravating after many nations finish their quarantines and try to go back to normal.

No one wants to undermine the gravity and implications of the Covid 19 crisis. As investors, however, always need to find a method to transform a poor scenario into a lucrative one to preserve our livelihoods and achieve our financial objectives.

To this aim, we have established a number of techniques for profitable trading by recognizing which markets are influenced by pandemic trends.

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Filter your News

Coronavirus updates and other associated conditions are not the same. In recent times, we have all heard the words "false news" enough to recognize that not all of the knowledge we get is correct. More significantly, though, it is vital to recognize that certain news is far more relevant in terms of trading amid the epidemic than others.

While we may be particularly concerned about living coronavirus warnings worldwide in the world in which we reside, the main fact is that economies don't really worry about all of these geos. The USA and China with the EU, Japan, and South Korea are the two most significant places to be seen in the news.

Having knowledge on the proliferation of the Covid 19 virus, death rates, worries and optimism, there are a number of sources that will certainly affect market conditions:

  • - The International Organization for Human Health (WHO) - despite of this organisation's enormous shortcomings, the markets are listening to it both before and during the outbreak.
  • - The US Center of Disease Control (CDC), which also has criticism about their reaction, is linked directly to the statistics and the information generated by the epidemic. The U.S. pandemic economic policies.
  • - Any announced bad report about virus in the nation by the OFFICIAL Chinese government. If the news is severe enough that it's really accepted by the Chinese government, it should be noted. Don't trust the accusations from Western media like whether numerous people there in China are affected. Although that may be true, the markets don't matter.
  • - The OPEC+ formalized commitments on output limitations among its members are announced. OPEC+ In the following part, more about this.

Pay Close Attention to Economic “Engines”

Economic "engines" assist broad economic prosperity. Financial experts realise that so, irrespective of the Covid 19 problem, they check their economic calendars all year round. However, essaying this little list of indications gives you a benefit throughout the epidemic and when the international swings back to routine, is even more crucial.

1. Oil Storage Levels: - In the international economy, oil is the main component. The U.S. discloses its current stocks of crude oil each week. This is crucial information as the United States is the world's top oil user and China is next. 

When stocks increase or keep the same, the US industrial and consumer machines do not improve, which implies reduced sales of ALL, and not only oil.

2. Chinese Manufacturing Data: - If the United States buys it, China produces a big part of it. China requires production materials, but will not produce if the United States does not buy them. 

The association is a symbiotic one, although one or the other frequently emerges first. China can very well reignite its economic engine before the United States.

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3. U.S. employment data: - For millions of American customers, the international economy is impacted only most badly by the absence of jobs. The world makes fewer when they purchase less. 

The reality is that Americans make as much money despite the US government's attempts to help out. It will identify possibilities for trading on such data when/if job statistics change.

The Big 3 — Markets That Indicate Overall Sentiment

This tidbit of knowledge is nothing surprising for experienced investors, but it should be given once again to anybody who assesses and will perhaps be beneficial how they work in the present market scenario.

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Brent Oil, Gold, and the S&P 500: - These three assets offer the insight into the world's market events and the evaluation of the present circumstances by the large participants (financial companies, mega funds).

Brent Oil:

We have previously demonstrated that oil is the fuel for trade and business. Brent oil is the globe's most frequently traded type of oil. Others include West Texas Medium and the Ural Grade (Russia), although Brent has the world's largest market influence.

When Brent price increases, it will indicate a rise in worldwide oil demand and, as a result, an increase in economic activity. This impacts the sales and profitability of almost every firm. It's because it sounds enormous and strong. That's why Middle Eastern wars are a huge thing for everybody.


In hyper-inflation or even harsher war is seen by nations when economic calamity occurs. Gold is bought by large investors worldwide. This is because gold is viewed, and properly so, as a store of value. It has retained its worth across thousands of years and many economic systems and political initiatives.

If the very rich purchase gold and the cost rises, it is not a good indication of what is going on on the markets. Check the gold chart from October 2019 thus far and you will see what we talked about.

S&P 500:

This US stockmarket gives us traders a glimpse into the general condition of the world's most powerful companies. If you want to understand how investors assess the global economy's health, check at the S&P.

Due to the vast diversity of areas and businesses featured in the S&P industry, traders can grasp how things work and make more educated trading selections. If large investors see Covid 19 unfold, they are going to respond and the S&P 500 will react.

Final Words :

In order to benefit from today's market environment, traders must follow headlines from reliable sources, keep a sharp eye on the economic drivers described above, and grasp how 'big' cash plays since they know the first two variables already.

We are confident that the world economy will recovers rapidly from Covid 19 contagion, but we must be ready to take advantage of additional dips. Fortunately, if we are diligently and ready, trade enables us to earn high revenue independently of the market condition.

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