The first inter-city flight between two airports is completed by a flying automobile powered by a BMW engine.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in the United States certified the world's first-ever flying automobile, which moves at 160 kilometres per hour and at altitudes of 10,000 feet, for 'take-off' in February.

The Terrafugia Transition a Special Light-Sport Aircraft airworthiness certificate from the FAA, reports said. The vehicle is a light sport and roadable aeroplane that Terrafugia has been working on since 2006.

This week, another professor-created prototype flying automobile completed its first successful inter-city flight between two airports in Slovakia.

The car flew for 35 minutes between Nitra and Bratislava on June 28, according to reports. It was cruising at 170 kph, which was 20 kph slower than its top speed.

Professor Stefan Kelin of Kelin Vision came up with the name AirCar. The car is powered by a BMW engine and has a maximum altitude of 8,200 feet. It only takes 2 minutes and 15 seconds to turn into a plane.

Professor Kelin pressed a button that tucked the car's wings after the successful test flight. He then drove it back to his house from the tarmac.

Professor Klein has now made 142 successful landings in his flying automobile after more than 40 hours of testing, according to Engadget.


Klein is now certain that his prototype is ready to go forward from concept to reality.

The vehicle is now equipped with a 160 horsepower BMW engine, a fixed propeller, and a ballistic parachute.

Klein intends to create a 300 horsepower pre-production variant that will most likely be certified as a CS-23 aircraft by European aviation regulators.

The Terrafugia Transition is not the same as AirCar.

It features a 27-foot wingspan that folds down to fit conveniently inside a small garage. A full air and road form of the vehicle is expected to be released in 2022, according to reports.

However, now that the FAA has approved it, it can be made available to pilots and flight schools. However, it may be another year before all of the car's components are totally legal.

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