The Meme Cryptocurrency DogeCoin Tops the Chart: See How?

On Friday, after posting the mysterious tweet of Tesla and CEO Elon Musk of SpaceX, Meme cryptocurrencies' Dogecoin triggered its peak level ever. Musk exchanged his official Twitter account with a Spanish artist on Thursday, except that he modified his username.

Just several weeks ago, people made funny memes of Dogecoin. It was quite a laugh, but the rise is unbelievable because a Dogecoin was under a cent at the beginning of this year.

The fastest ever-growing Meme coin increases after 70.22 percent during the last 24 hours in the crypto market. It takes Dogecoin to $0.122680 or about 12 cents of its  

present value. Dogecoin has more than $14 billion in market value, simply referred to as "Memecoin."

Dogecoin seems to be a hot cake in social media since it is growing for some time, primarily because of the constant Musk tweets.

Within 24 hours before Friday morning, Dogecoin soared to $0.29, approximately 30 cents, of 112.89% per all the crypto wallets. Just two days after, it reached the 10 cents threshold on April 14.

It is currently also Google's key trend. The leap was notable as the Bitcoin growth in the same time amounted to 117.47 percent.

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About DogeCoin and its surges :

In 2013, Dogecoin was first developed by Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer as a joke by software developers and was never intended to be a popular cryptocurrency. His concept was influenced and was thus used and mocked as a joke for a long time.

Lately, cryptocurrencies have been one of the favorites of technology companies, presence in social media and large-scale sectors. "Dogecoin is the people's crypto," as said by Musk, considered one of the ardent promoters of Dogecoin, tweeted on February 4, 2021. value The tweet has added a value worth 75%.

On websites where it is approved, anyone can trade DogeCoin for products and services. You can also exchange it in the US dollar for digital currencies. Dogecoin's worth is unpredictable like most coins because no government supports it. Dogecoin now has around 16.9 billion dollars in market capitalization.

The increase in valuation is likely related to its profitability and its amusing, long-lasting online discourse.

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How can you Purchase a DogeCoin?

The most efficient ways to purchase Dogecoin are via cryptocurrency trading wallets. On these sites, you can buy at CoinSwitch, Robinhood, and Kraken. You must install a crypto-currency wallet to purchase Dogecoin on these sites. It is available on the official website of the network.

Anyone who wants to purchase Dogecoin  — websites that give users limited quantities of free cryptocurrency — may be a great choice.

You will get Dogecoins every 3 hours on these pages by simply checking the box and filling out a captcha code.

Besides, you can also mine a dogecoin. You can handle other Dogecoin trades and receive these funds as rewards if you are an expert user and have a robust device setup.

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