The Twitter website shows a distorted map of India, with J&K and Ladakh shown as separate country.

New Delhi: In the midst of a standoff with the Indian government over new IT rules, the Twitter website is displaying an incorrect map of the country, depicting Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh as different countries.

The glaring mistake, which can be found on the career section of Twitter's website under the heading 'Tweep Life,' has sparked outrage among Twitter users, who are calling for the microblogging platform to be shut down.

This isn't the first time Twitter has erroneously depicted India's map. It had previously portrayed Leh as part of China.

A message sent to Twitter about the issue received no response.

The US digital behemoth has been in a fight with the federal government over new social media regulations. Despite repeated reminders, Twitter has been confronted by the government for willful defiance and failure to comply with the country's new IT rules.

In India, the microblogging platform has lost its legal shield as a middleman, making users accountable for any illegal content they post.

On Monday, Twitter users lambasted the company for its egregious distortion of India's geography in its career section.

The worldwide map, which shows Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh outside of India, sparked outrage among netizens, who are demanding that the microblogging platform be prosecuted for breaking laws on many times.

After its geotagging tool displayed "Jammu and Kashmir, People's Republic of China" in a live broadcast from Leh's Hall of Fame, a military memorial for fallen soldiers in the Union Territory of Ladakh, Twitter came under fire and suffered backlash in October last year.

At the time, India issued a strong warning to Twitter, stating unequivocally that any disrespect of the country's sovereignty and integrity is completely unacceptable.

The government sent a notice to Twitter in November for incorrectly labelling Leh as part of Jammu and Kashmir rather than the Union Territory of Ladakh, as the Centre chastised the platform for undermining India's territorial integrity by displaying an erroneous map.

When Twitter did not completely comply with the new laws, known as intermediate Guidelines, that include creating up a comprehensive grievance redress procedure and hiring officers to work with law enforcement, the microblogging platform came under government scrutiny.

The restrictions went into force on May 26th, and because Twitter did not designate the required officials before the additional time ran out, it lost its'safe harbour' exemption.

Despite the fact that relations with the government are at an all-time low, Twitter temporarily blocked IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad from accessing his account on Friday due to an alleged violation of US copyright law, a move that the minister immediately slammed as arbitrary and in flagrant violation of IT rules.

Meanwhile, Dharmendra Chatur, Twitter's temporary grievance officer for India, has resigned just weeks after taking over the critical position.

California-based On the platform's website, Jeremy Kessel has been named as India's grievance redressal officer, despite the fact that the appointment does not fulfil the requirements of new IT guidelines, which state that key officers, including the grievance officer, must be based in India.

Twitter and the government have clashed on various occasions in recent months, including during the farmers' strike and later when the microblogging platform labelled political remarks by several members of the ruling party BJP as "manipulated media," prompting a harsh condemnation from the government.

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