Top 7 NFT Games That You Can Play to Win Cryptocurrency.

Playing video games may be a great way to relax from the stresses of everyday life while also giving a tough and enjoyable experience. It would be even great if you could get paid to play video games!

You can now earn cryptocurrency while playing a growing list of some of the most popular new video games thanks to blockchain, the same technology that powers bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

Players can earn bitcoin in NFT games by winning battles or tournaments, or by profitably selling in-game items on NFT marketplaces.

If this seems like something you'd like to try, stay reading to learn about seven NFT games that allow players to earn cryptocurrency.

What are NFT Games?

NFT Games are blockchain-based games with tokenized in-game assets that may be collected as non-fungible tokens by players (NFTs). Some of these games pay out in cryptocurrency, while others allow players to acquire NFTs in-game, which may later be sold for a profit.

Decentralization is provided by blockchain technology, which allows gamers to regain control. Gamers who own a gaming platform's native token, for example, have voting rights.

Gaming firms have had complete control in the past. They've made a lot of money through in-game purchases, but gamers never truly own the stuff they buy. Blockchain games, on the other hand, are changing that. When you acquire something in a blockchain game, you are the sole owner of it and can do whatever you want with it.

Because of the NFT explosion, more blockchain game initiatives are cropping up, indicating that this could be the future of gaming.

The following is a list of seven prominent NFT games where players can earn cryptocurrency :

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a blockchain game based on Ethereum that debuted in 2018 and features beautiful creatures known as Axies. There are no two Axies alike. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses, which are determined by its genes.

Axie's body parts number in the hundreds, allowing players to create an infinite amount of body part combinations. Beast, Plant, Bug, Reptile, Aquatic, and Bird are some of the Axies categories, and these virtual creatures can be common, rare, ultra-rare, or legendary.

The goal of this game is to breed, raising, and fighting Axies. You can also exchange Axies with other players in the marketplace.

Additionally, players can acquire Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) tokens while playing the game. The governance token in the game is AXS, which grants players the ability to vote on important issues. It can also be used as a form of payment on the Axie marketplace. Players will be able to stake AXS and earn extra tokens in the near future.

More features, such as Axie Battle and Axie Land, will be added to the game in the near future. Trung Nguyen and Tu Doan are the co-founders of Axie Infinity.


CryptoKitties was one of the first blockchain games to appear on the market. Players can gather and breed virtual kittens that "live" on the Ethereum blockchain in this game. CryptoKitties can be sold on the platform's marketplace or on major NFT markets.

Collecting and breeding digital cats is a popular pastime, believe it or not. In 2017, for example, the game's popularity generated congestion on the Ethereum network, which made news. CryptoKitties are still popular today, with daily sales exceeding $30,000, according to NonFungible data.

Every kitty is one-of-a-kind. A CryptoKitty can be obtained by purchasing one on the market or by breeding two Kitties together. Breeding allows players to get access to uncommon abilities. You can also earn rewards by amassing a cat collection.

Once you've accumulated a collection, you can transport your cats to KittyVerse to compete in catfights. You can also collaborate with other players to solve riddles.

The game was built on Ethereum and published in November 2017 by Dapper Labs.


Sorare is a non-football fantasy game. You can go from standard fantasy football games to Sorare, where you can earn prizes by defeating other managers. You'll have the opportunity to create and manage your own virtual team of digital playing card NFTs. The cards are legally licenced and depict a real-life football player for that season.

There are three levels of scarcity in this game: unique, ultra rare, and rare. When you gather a card, you get complete ownership of it and can sell it to other players. You may also utilise a five-card squad in the SO5 game to collect points based on the real-life performance of the footballers. Sorare monitors the performance of footballers from 23 different leagues.

Nicolas Julia and Adrien Montfort are the creators of Sorare. In 2018, the game was released. Sorare is a well-known Ethereum-based NFT game, with daily card sales of around $159,000.

Unchained Gods

Another blockchain game where you can earn cryptocurrency by playing is Gods Unchained. The game is being managed by Chris Clay, who previously worked as the Game Director for Magic: The Gathering Arena. Players gather digital cards and use them to compete against other players in this Ethereum-based game.

In order to win games, players must be strategic while designing a deck with a diverse range of approaches. You can gain Flux by winning games in Ranked, which you can use to make high-quality cards. The high-quality cards can then be traded for cryptocurrency on the platform's marketplace.

The total daily sales of Gods Unchained cards are around $10,000. The game was created by Immutable, an Australian firm.

Several investors, including Coinbase Ventures, contributed $2.4 million to the startup during its first round of fundraising in 2018. In 2019, Immutable raised $15 million in its second investment round. During the closed beta period in late 2018, Gods Unchained was playable. It then made its beta available to the general public in July 2019. By this time, the game had grossed around $4 million through the sale of four million collecting cards.

F1 Delta Time

F1 Delta Time is an Ethereum-based NFT game for Formula 1 aficionados. Players accumulate unique cars, drivers, and components that are available as in-game NFTs throughout the game. Each token contains a set of stats that influence the performance of the car or driver. In addition, REVV, an ERC-20 token, serves as the game's in-game currency. Players can also earn REVV by staking their NFTs.

Grand Prix Mode, where players can race, Time Trial mode, where you can test your compositions, and Time Trial Elite, where you can receive rewards, are all included in F1 Delta Time. Players can also equip their cars with parts and drivers with gear in the game's workshop.

This game is developed and published by Animoca Brands.

Evolution Land

It's a virtual simulation game called Evolution Land. The basic elements on the world's which contains 26 continents are fire, land, gold, water, wood, and silicon. In activities such as construction, mining, scientific research, and PvP, players can play with or against one another. So far, the creators have created two continents: Atlantis (based on Ethereum) and Byzantine (Tron-based).

Players acquire and breed Apostles, who are gifted in different ways depending on their DNA. Some Apostles are more difficult to find than others. Education helps to develop talents, and Apostles can choose from a variety of employment options. In the marketplace, players can exchange in-game assets like as land and Apostles.

One of the fungible tokens in the game is the Decentralized Autonomous Organization, which grants holders voting rights (DAO). In addition, players will receive 70% of the game's earnings.

EvolutionLand, the game's creator, has created Darwinia Network, a public blockchain dedicated to the gaming industry.

ChainZ Arena

ChainZ Arena is an idle mining RPG game that spans many blockchains. It runs on three different blockchains: Tron, EOS, and Ethereum, offering players the option of using any of the three. SOUL tokens can be mined while playing or while offline. SOUL is a cryptocurrency that is available on all three blockchains.

Players collect Heroes in order to fight Demons and Bosses in the epic arena. You can also use things from the forge to improve the state of your Heroes. The game pays players for their arena ranking on a daily basis. Players can stake SOUL tokens for EOS, TRX, or ETH drops. Players can swap their Heroes on the game's exchange.

MOBOX is the company behind ChainZ Arena. Thanks to the power of NFTs, online gaming now includes new financial incentives incorporated into the games.

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