Upcoming educational trends that will change the future of children's educational system.

In present times, it is difficult to think of an industry that has not been affected by the benefits of technology. Education is certainly no different. The teaching and learning process is becoming increasingly affected by education. Both teachers and students are openly embracing new trends that make education progressively better.

The global education and training expenditure is expected to reach $ 10 trillion by the year 2030. The upcoming educational trends that will change the future of children’s education system look beneficial than ever.

Quality education is one of the most important sustainable goals of the United Nations. Millions of students enroll in primary and secondary schools annually. These students and their parents turn to the internet regularly. Increasing use of the smart device has led to personalized learning and better content delivery on the go. Almost 75% of teachers believe that digital learning is likely to overrule contemporary textbooks by 2026.

To understand the upcoming educational trends better, we researched and analyzed them to examine how these trends will change the future. Let’s have a look at them:

1. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE:  It is expected that the use of AI will increase by almost 48% in the coming years. AI-enabled education empowers computers to carry out tasks that were previously done by human beings. Decision making, speech and face recognition, checking of test papers, language translations are some benefits of AI.

As of now, AI is considered to be the best teaching tool. Moreover, its combination with personalized learning is extremely helpful for students who miss out on clearing their doubts in crowded classrooms.

The prevalence of AI is turning out to be extremely beneficial. According to a report by Tech & Learning 2017, 82% of US teachers think that utilizing technology prepares students for a better future.

2. AUGMENTED REALITY/VIRTUAL REALITY: Virtual reality has a charm of helping students opening up to a world of limitless possibilities. AR/VR technology will help teachers create any kind of atmosphere in the classroom. This trend is expected to engage better participation with deeper and individualized learning of study material. '

Technologies like AR/VR have the ability to completely transform traditional classrooms into a time-traveling space.  Google Expeditions is a great example of AR. It has almost 900 expeditions which include virtual trips to many famous places in the world.

This education trend will interest students immensely because it is engaging and beneficial. The interest in VR technology is only going to increase in the coming years. This is because of advantages like collaborative learning, digital literacy and problem-solving.

3.   PERSONALIZED LEARNING: Personalized learning is helping students enhance their learning skills and abilities in a tremendous manner. With technology impacting education at a fast rate, personalized learning is becoming increasingly prominent. It includes using the new age technology to provide students with a better education. Children have the choice to study at any time or place they want to when it comes to learning.

Even the children who have unfortunate disabilities can learn better with the assistance of personalized learning. To give an example; there are tools that help students write their test paper by voice. This makes sure that a child’s disability to write does not hinder the child’s ability to answer.

Personalized learning also helps in gaining knowledge with the help of audiobooks. Personalized learning will be a huge winner in the upcoming educational trends because of its one-on-one teaching benefits.

4.  INTERNET OF THINGS: Internet of things has many advantages when it comes to education. IoT has the ability to allow teachers to share test results with parents and even other teachers. It can also monitor the time at which live homework help request accepted by the tutor and the time took to complete it.

With the help of the benefits that IoT offers, teachers can actually get an improved understanding of students. They can find out if their teaching is effective if the homework is optimal and if the students are enjoying the learning process or not. This information is significant to make a change in contemporary education. IoT does just that.

5.  GAMIFICATION: Gamification is an education trend that utilizes game designs to improve better engagement and beneficial competition. It is a great method of transforming extracurricular activities and classroom activities by encouraging competition.

Games are created in a way that they involve a scoring system which encourages students to win. The designs are created at par to respond optimally to student usage and problem-solving prompts by students. This helps the teachers in judging the student outcomes.

One of the best benefits of gamification is that it is fun, engaging and helps in creating a stronger impression. Although, this concept has been introduced before it is expected that it will gain prevalence in the coming future.

6.  DYNAMIC MINDFULNESS: Everyone including kids are stressed out in today’s time. Although this is unfortunate it is very true. The negative outweighs the positive which leads to increased stress. Emotional problems have turned into epidemics with depression, anxiety becoming common from an early age.

An educational trend called dynamic mindfulness has been started by various institutions to curb emotional problems. This trend is majorly to increase focused and interactive learning amongst students.

Mindfulness helps the students increase their awareness while reducing any symptoms of depression and anxiety. With this meditation technique, students get assistance to shift their focus from any worries to being present in the moment and learning.  

CONCLUSION: Going by the upcoming digital trends, the anytime and anywhere type of digital education is going to take over quickly. The internet has a huge reach. With an increase of smart handheld devices, many education tools are expected to help children in the future.

Teachers and parents should encourage students to take maximum benefits of the upcoming education trends. With these trends, it will be easy to make the most effective and interactive education. A gateway to a more progressive future will open with the upcoming education trends.

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