US Vice President Kamala Harris extends greeting on Holi.

US Vice President Kamala Harris on Monday greeted people on Holi, and said the festival is all about positivity and setting aside differences. Sending out a message of positivity, Kamala Harris said that holi is about “setting aside our differences, and coming together.”

US Vice President Kamala Harris took to Twitter to greet netizens a happy Holi.

This year Holi is being celebrated on March 29.

Even though it is a predominantly Hindu festival, it is celebrated by people of other faiths as well. It marks the arrival of the spring harvest season in the country. 

People celebrate the festival by binging on some lip-smacking sweets, thandai and splash coloured powder, water, and balloons while chanting "Holi Hai". 

The evening before Holi is known as Holika Dahan or Chhoti Holi during which people light a bonfire to signify the burning of the demon Holika. 

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