What should i do if i think i am going to lose my job because of the coronavirus pandemic?

It is an irony to mention that we live in frightening and unsure times. 

As the economy plunges, many people have already lost their jobs and lots of others are wondering if they're getting to lose their jobs within the coming weeks and months. 

Although the situations are obviously very different, I lived — and job hunted — through the crisis of 9/11 and its aftermath. Markets crashed and other people were terrified… and that i was sending out applications. I’m not saying 9/11 was an equivalent because the current Coronavirus pandemic, but it had been definitely a crisis.

In the months of 2001 before 9/11, i used to be performing at, and it had been clearly on the verge of shutting down. What did I do to organize for a possible job loss? Well, not much. Basically, I put my head within the sand and hoped for the simplest . I don't recommend this strategy. 

Instead, i like to recommend you be as proactive as possible and control the items you'll control, so you're positioned also as possible for an uncertain future. believe your future self. What would your six-months-in-the-future self want you to possess done during this time? 

Here are three questions your future self might ask you.

Do you have a partner to rely on?

Farnoosh Torabi posted an incredibly helpful Youtube video that breaks down personal finances during this crisis. If you've got a partner with a safer income, start living on just your partner’s income now. Job hunting becomes that far more difficult when you’re also worried about paying next month’s water bill.

If you don’t have a partner or any additional support , trim as many expenses as you'll immediately to organize for a possible loss of income.

Do your professional skills need a tuneup?

I hope it doesn’t happen, but let’s say you lose your job next month. Between now then , you'll add more skills to your current skillset to form yourself more marketable. you'll complete a web course in graphic design, data analytics, SEO or the other skill. this is often especially important if you were already brooding about shifting employers or industries, or if you recognize you've got some knowledge or skill gaps that require improving. 

A few options for improving your skills:
- Take a web course from LinkedIn Learning, Udemy or Khan Academy.
- Renew or complete any professional certifications required for a replacement job.
- Revisit your college career center (no matter how way back you graduated) for online interview prep, resume writing and job search seminars. 

Would you be ready for an interview tomorrow? 

If worse involves worst and you are doing lose your job, you’ll want to leap back to the hiring pool as soon as possible. 

Here’s what you'll do to prepare:

Update and improve your resume :
Add your most up-to-date work experience, add in keywords from job postings that appeal to you and have a lover proofread the document. Also, you would possibly want to make different versions of your resume if you opt to undertake out a special industry. as an example , if you're currently working in online advertising sales, you would possibly want to pivot into direct B2B sales or maybe nonprofit fundraising. Have a customized resume for every potential path.

Update and Improve your linkedin profile :
Along with the recommendation I gave for updating your resume, start engaging with various groups and individuals on LinkedIn. Connect with former colleagues and classmates and write them a note to see in and need them well. discuss threads and share relevant articles and private thoughts which may help someone in your network. 

Start scoping out jobs now :
Even if you’re still employed, it’s not too early to start out scanning Indeed, LinkedIn and industry-specific job boards. You don’t got to submit an application directly . Just spend a while going to know what sorts of jobs are available. Research companies that interest you. With many of those platforms, you'll even subscribe industry-specific email updates. Never miss a replacement listing.

I know the fear of losing your job are often overwhelming – even paralyzing. That’s why i like to recommend starting as early as possible and take things step by step. You don’t need to do everything directly . lookout of yourself and please let me skills I can support you.

We will get through this pandemic together.

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